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The true might of social media marketing comes from the ability to create a community around your company and to engage effectively with your customer. The social media mindset is all about relationship building and has become the most valuable way of increasing the effectiveness of your marketing to date. LetUsBeSocial is a partner of Club Social Junction. LetUsBeSocial carefully sources relationship marketing products and approves them for Club Social Junction to sell via the Club Shop. To benefit from the products displayed on this page, please sign up to Club Social Junction and visit the Club Shop.

At Club Social Junction, we aim to provide you with products that are of a high quality and come highly recommended.

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Let Us Be Social Offers

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The ‘Facebook Builder’ product provides businesses with an active presence on Facebook and continually builds engagement with both potential and existing clients.

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Talk Fusion has 9 superb video based products including video email, video newsletter, live webinars, video conferencing and much more.

These incredible communication tools will move your business to the next level.

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Cost effective, fully featured websites / Facebook Mini Sites.

Low cost, innovative web solution for people seeking to promote themselves and their businesses online and via social media.

image 1Are you an aspiring author looking for credibility, or just want to tell your story? If you are daunted by the prospect of publishing, the ‘Book Publisher’ can help you get your book out there! The ‘Book Publisher’ offers a complete publishing service to new authors – idea generation, planning your writing, proofreading, ghost writing, editing, collaboration, all aspects of formatting for Kindle, ebook and print on demand, cover design, production, marketing and distribution.